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Monday, September 5, 2016

Days 84 - 86 /// Lions, Tigers, & Bears... Oh My!

Storms headed into Baker City
Ok, so I didn't see lions and/or tigers, but did see a bear on the Weiser River Trail.  This was a two-day detour I decided on after seeing how incredibly $hite the I-95 portion of the TransAm route is in Idaho.  For anyone who finds themselves in the area, take the trail instead.  A bit rough in areas, but a real gem.  I deflated the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires to 45psi, which made the trail quite manageable.  Only real issue, I was a dirty/dusty mess after both days.  However, this made for the best two showers of the entire trip!

Yesterday we capped off several long days in the saddle with a 70 miler from Oxbow to Baker City.  This took us up and over two passes.  Showed 4.5k ft of elevation during the ride.  All of it made worse by a mad headwind for the second half.  Still a very lovely day, but I can't tell you how happy I am to have a hotel room w/ proper bed.  My first since Breckenridge!

Antique trucks, covered wagons, 'elixir' cart, and magic white horse
Today I'm getting caught up on email, contacts, and checking out the sights around Baker City.  This is a railroad town directly on the old Oregon Trail, so there's quite a bit of history to explore. 

On a random side note, we crossed over 4k miles yesterday just as we were entering into our 15th and final state, Oregon.  Quite the accomplishment.  

I'll let photos do the rest of the talking.  

Until next round, 

~ D

Snake River Dam...  Dayumn!

Cute little guy in East Bumble, ID

Weiser River Trail, ID

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  1. Keep it up! I have very much been enjoying this trip as you add to your repertoire of ways to adventure travel. I can't believe you are almost done though. It's going to be bittersweet.