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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Days 01 - 05 /// New Adventure Underway

So, I packed up the remainder of my things into a POD Thursday, June 9th, wrapped up my final day of work Friday, June 10th, and my father and I set off on our adventure Saturday, June 11th.

Watching the skyline disappear into the distance was a pretty powerful way to 'move' out of the NYC.  Once complete, I put my head down and have ridden a solid five days. At last count, 281 miles and four states, today crossing into Maryland.  Amish farm country in Pennsylvania was a real highlight, and provided gorgeous scenery.  We've had a touch of rain here and there, but overall the weather has been perfect.  It took a day or two, but I feel like I'm back at 'home' traveling long term/distance.  Pedaling is certainly more challenging than twisting a throttle, but both options provide distinct thrills and difficulties.  

Today I remembered a section of Andrew Pham's Catfish and Mandala...  "Touring solo on a bicycle, I discover, is an act of stupidity or an act of divine belief.  It is intense stretches of isolation punctuated with flashes of pure terror and indelible moments of friendship.  Mostly, it is dirty work particularly suited for the stubborn masochist.  I was suckered into the adventure, the elegant simplicity of its execution, and yes, even the glory of its agony."  

That's all for now.  Tomorrow we continue to pedal SW to another MD state park to camp for the night.  After that, we plan to make way to WashDC for a couple of days.  On the agenda - rest, recuperate, eat like a fat kid, be a tourist, and shower multiple times per day.  

Until then, enjoy some pictures...  

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  1. David - It was nice to meet you and your father as you passed through the Walmart in Ruckersville, VA. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable trip! Paul