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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lounging Around Lake Atitlán...

So, while in Antigua I had a package sent by my father with a few necessary items (thanks pops!).  It was mailed to the school that I was studying at for several days, but is delayed at customs apparently.  That said, I decided to book it over to Panajachel with the CATours guys, and then spend some time across Lake Atitlán in San Pedro.  I've been here for four nights now and am feeling pretty chill and relaxed.  My hotel, Casa Villa del Sol, has adequate secure parking, cheap laundry, comfortable beds, hot showers, and private rooms...  all for $5 USD per night!  I figure while I wait for the package to arrive I can either spend $30 USD per night for a room in Antigua, or $5 here on the lake.  I'm hoping it makes it to Antigua soon though as there is still a LOT to explore in Central America en route to Panama.  

In the last post I mentioned Kayla and Susan.  We met in Antigua, then met up in Panajachel.  After a crazy fun night out in Pana, we all decided to meet again in San Pedro.  Kayla and I have gotten along well and have spent time exploring all the small towns around the lake.  San Pedro is small, tranquil, and laid back with a few restaurants and bars to explore.  It also sits at the base of Volcan San Pedro, and directly on the lake, so there are a lot of hiking and exploring options.  One of the first days here I went on a run for a bit of exercise and discovered a small private beach.  We've spent some time there since, which has been nice.  Directly across the lake is San Marcos, which is probably one of the most 'granola' places I've ever seen.  Tiny little paths wind through the village and they are dotted with reiki and acupuncture shops, organic food stores and restaurants, fruit and vegetable juice stands, and of course head shops.  There is also a small nature preserve with a platform to jump into the lake for some swimming.  Of course I stripped down to my skivvies and performed a flailing front flip without thinking twice.  I probably would have scored a 1 out of 10 if there were judges.  

While here something really, really cool has happened.  Two people have committed to visiting during my travels.  Sarah, my beautiful new friend from Mexico City that I met in Puerto Escondido will be joining me in Cartagena for a few days in the city, and possibly a ride up the Colombian coast to Santa Marta.  Also Sam, my great friend back home and roadracing teammate will be meeting up with me in Lima in May for some ADV riding in/around Peru.  I'll continue to live in the moment and enjoy the 'now', but I'm looking forward to seeing and spending time with them both.

Whenever 'the package' arrives in Antigua I'll make my way through the city en route to El Salvador.  I plan to navigate Ruta de las Flores on the way to the coast.  If anyone has recommendations on beaches in El Salvador to spend time and/or surf please send them along.  Following El Salvador, I plan to speed through Honduras and spend a few days in Leon, Nicaragua.  I'll explore the country for a few days, and then head south through Costa Rica and finally Panama.

I guess that's it for now.  Sorry for the gap between updates, and the brevity of this one.  Not much to report the past few days as I've been lounging around the sleepy village spending time with new friends.  Hopefully I'll be back on the road soon where the adventure, and updates will continue. 

Until then...  

~ D

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  1. Hi David,

    I've been following your blog since you started. Really enjoy your writing style and thoughts on your experiences.
    My wife and I aren't too far behind you, currently in La Paz, Baja. We are held up with some vehicle title and stator issues, but will hopefully be back on the road in a week. Hope to meet you somewhere down the road.

    Safe travels,
    -Brian Reid (our blog)