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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 5 | You Can Find Me in the A...

Nashville >> Chattanooga >> Atlanta

Mileage:  Approx 1,700 total miles ridden since leaving Denver 5 days ago. 

Best moment:  After waking up late, still groggy from the night out in Nashville, I hit the road around 11am. As I set off, I decided that I'd like to at least get a few mountain roads in before ending the trip. However, I knew it was going to be cold, so I couldn't bring myself to get all the way over to Deals Gap (an amazing road in North Carolina that has an 11-mile stretch w/ 300+ curves). I headed east and then south on 56 all the way to Chattanooga. The road was great. It had plenty of curves, tons of beautiful tree farms, and was popping with fall color. MASSIVE thanks to my personal mixtape curators Graciela and Sarah who provided Spotify playlists that really hit the spot along the ride. Hot damn those two have great taste in music! Thanks ladies...  

Crossing into GA - mama I'm coming home!!!
Another highlight was crossing over the border into Georgia. I felt a sense of comfort knowing that I was finally back home. I sped along in an effort to make it to my mother's house, but stopped along the way for some (seriously unhealthy) favorites. A patty melt at Waffle House, a massive cup of steaming boiled peanuts, a chili dog at The Varsity, and free coffee at RaceTrac (why the hell are gas stations so freaking big in the south?). Normally I'm very healthy, or at least try to be, but I'm thinking while I'm here I won't worry about it as much. I'll be sure to keep up my running and training in addition to the junk food, maybe that will help. :/ 

Oh sweet boiled peanuts, how I've missed thee!!! 
Worst moment:  The cold, the cold, the cold!!! I only made it to Chattanooga after leaving Nashville. I was absolutely freezing (temps dropped down to 32°) and hit the wall, so had to pull over and grab a cheap room for the night. You definitely get what you pay for, so I don't really need to explain the conditions at a place called Best Value Inn. Not the best I've stayed in that's for sure. However, certainly not the worst. Today the temps dropped to around the same, but I had planned slightly better and layered up. Still, riding in freezing temps is simply brutal after awhile at 70+mph. 

That's it for now. I've unpacked the bike and bags, and will set up shop here in Loganville (and Atlanta w/ friends) for the next month. The target 'leave date' for the LatAm portion of the trip is December 15th. Talk to everyone then!

~ D 

Terminus City... I made it!

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